Troon Library Junior Chess Club is currently closed until further notice due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Troon Library Junior Chess Club meets every Wednesday during school term time from 3:30pm to 4:30pm at Troon Library

  • For primary school age children

Contact Troon Library to find out availability as places are limited

Featured Opening for March – Göring Gambit – Double Pawn Sacrifice (Scotch Game)

Play through the moves of this opening to see the Göring Gambit

White has sacrificed two Pawns in order to gain a huge advantage in development!

White’s Advantage

  • White has developed three minor pieces into the game. Can you identify the three minor pieces?
  • White has gained control of the centre of the board
  • White has two bishops attacking on open diagonals – both aiming at Black’s kingside
  • White is ready to castle on the kingside

Black’s Advantage

  • Black has gained a material advantage of two Pawns

“Openings” Competition – 2019-2020 Season




11/03/2020Logan0 - 1LukeGöring Gambit
11/03/2020Owen1 - 0ArranGöring Gambit
11/03/2020Ruby1 - 0CaraGöring Gambit
11/03/2020Ethan0 - 1JoeGöring Gambit
11/03/2020Jack1 - 0LiamGöring Gambit
11/03/2020Cara0 - 1LiamGöring Gambit
11/03/2020Ruby0.5 - 0.5OwenGöring Gambit
11/03/2020Joe1 - 0LoganGöring Gambit
11/03/2020Luke0 - 1JackGöring Gambit
11/03/2020Arran0 - 1EthanGöring Gambit
04/03/2020Arran1 - 0CaraGöring Gambit
04/03/2020Luke1 - 0JackGöring Gambit
04/03/2020Owen0 - 1JoeGöring Gambit
04/03/2020Ruby0 - 1EthanGöring Gambit
04/03/2020Liam1 - 0LoganGöring Gambit
26/02/2020Ethan1 - 0LukeScotch Gambit
26/02/2020Joe1 - 0ArranScotch Gambit
26/02/2020Logan1 - 0LiamScotch Gambit
26/02/2020Jack0 - 1OwenScotch Gambit
26/02/2020Cara0 - 1RubyScotch Gambit
26/02/2020Liam1 - 0JackScotch Gambit
26/02/2020Owen0 - 1LoganScotch Gambit
26/02/2020Joe0 - 1LukeScotch Gambit
26/02/2020Ethan1 - 0ArranScotch Gambit
26/02/2020Ruby1 - 0CaraScotch Gambit
19/02/2020Liam1 - 0JoeScotch Gambit
19/02/2020Cara0 - 1LukeScotch Gambit
19/02/2020Jack1 - 0RubyScotch Gambit
19/02/2020Ethan0 - 1OwenScotch Gambit
19/02/2020Logan1 - 0ArranScotch Gambit
19/02/2020Joe1 - 0RubyScotch Gambit
19/02/2020Luke1 - 0ArranScotch Gambit
19/02/2020Logan1 - 0JackScotch Gambit
19/02/2020Cara0 - 1EthanScotch Gambit
19/02/2020Liam0 - 1OwenScotch Gambit
12/02/2020Liam0 - 1LoganScotch Gambit
12/02/2020Ruby0 - 1OwenScotch Gambit
12/02/2020Ethan0.5 - 0.5CaraScotch Gambit
12/02/2020Jack1 - 0ArranScotch Gambit
12/02/2020Logan1 - 0LiamScotch Gambit
12/02/2020Jack1 - 0RubyScotch Gambit
12/02/2020Ethan1 - 0CaraScotch Gambit
12/02/2020Owen1 - 0ArranScotch Gambit
05/02/2020Owen0 - 1LukeScotch Gambit
05/02/2020Cara0 - 1LiamScotch Gambit
05/02/2020Joe1 - 0EthanScotch Gambit
05/02/2020Jack1 - 0RubyScotch Gambit
05/02/2020Arran0 - 1LoganScotch Gambit
29/01/2020Arran0 - 1LiamFried Liver Attack
29/01/2020Jack1 - 0OwenFried Liver Attack
29/01/2020Cara0 - 1LukeFried Liver Attack
29/01/2020Ethan1 - 0RubyFried Liver Attack
29/01/2020Cara0 - 1ArranFried Liver Attack
29/01/2020Joe1 - 0LukeFried Liver Attack
29/01/2020Ethan0.5 - 0.5RubyFried Liver Attack
29/01/2020Jack0.5 - 0.5OwenFried Liver Attack
22/01/2020Logan0 - 1JoeFried Liver Attack
22/01/2020Luke1 - 0OwenFried Liver Attack
22/01/2020Liam0 - 1JackFried Liver Attack
22/01/2020Ruby0.5 - 0.5ArranFried Liver Attack
22/01/2020Luke0.5 - 0.5EthanFried Liver Attack
22/01/2020Ruby0 - 1JackFried Liver Attack
22/01/2020Logan0 - 1LiamFried Liver Attack
22/01/2020Owen1 - 0ArranFried Liver Attack
08/01/2020Joe1 - 0RubyFried Liver Attack
08/01/2020Owen0 - 1EthanFried Liver Attack
08/01/2020Logan0.5 - 0.5JackFried Liver Attack
08/01/2020Liam1 - 0CaraFried Liver Attack

Next month’s featured opening . . .

The opening for April will be chosen from suggestions by the club members

Featured opening for February – Scotch Gambit (Scotch Game)

Featured opening for January – Fried Liver Attack (Two Knights Defence)