OFP Salver Update – Friday, 27th December 2019

OFP Salver Opening for January (2020) – Alekhine Scandinavian Variation – The Spielmann Gambit

Troon Chessblog Thursday, 19th December 2019 – by Len Weir

Chess Blog D3

Game Of Groans !

Phil in Photo Finish

Next Meeting January 8th

Christmas is near and even the Chess Club bows to the holiday season and closes its doors until Wednesday January 8th

Last evening we had 19 players in the club and starts for Hamid Michael McKean and Dean McCusker in the Salver. Happy to say all scored points and we hope they will get enjoyment from their participation

Gold Championship

A very tense game between Duncan Malcolm and Phil Thomas had the anticipated outcome in one respect – Duncan was well ahead on time and Phil had one eye on his clock but he had enough positional advantage to storm through to keep his undefeated total intact and 3 points from 3 games

Silver Championship

Things really hotted up this week with Bob Reid pressurising Frank Park for the trophy with a win over Richard McMinn this takes Bob to 3.5/5 against Frank’s 4/5. Both have interesting players in the next set of match-ups. Frank has Alex Smith in January and Bob plays David Ferguson neither is an easy passage

Games for January
Bob Reid v David Ferguson
Sandy Gibson v Ross Duffy
Alex Smith v Frank Park

Bronze Championship

Jack Barrett has designs on clinching the Bronze Championship after an impressive win over Alex Smith. Although defending champion Richard McMinn and Ross Duffy could still catch Jack he has the scores (3/6) on the board while Richard has 1/4 and Ross 1/3. Each have to complete 8 games

Jack Barrett v Richard McMinn

Coronelli Round Three

I was the beneficiary of John Shankland’s Christmas spirit when he gifted me a rook in the latter stages of the game when I was only a pawn up

Game of Groans!

Booking his place in the Semi Final alongside me is Tommy Barrett whose game against Frank Park defied belief. Commencing at 7.20p.m. there proceeded the chess equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing where steps are made but nobody leaves the floor. At 9.45 the first piece was taken and Frank was in time trouble and his position crumbled. But what a fight!

Coronelli Trophy

Round Two
Jim Wainwright v John Calder

Round Three
Bob Reid v J Wainwright or J Calder
David Ferguson v Duncan Malcolm

Motwani Quaich

Round One
Sandy Gibson v Mike Chapman
J Wainwright/J Calder v Alex Smith


This is what we’ve got coming……

  • Tuesday January 7th ‘B’ team at Stewarton
  • Wed January 8th ‘A’ team at home to Ayr ‘A’
  • Wed January 8th ‘C’ team at home to Ardrossan/ Largs C
  • Tuesday 21st Jan ‘A’ team at Kilmarnock Dragons
  • Wednesday 22nd Jan ‘B’ Team at Prestwick Falcons
  • Thursday 23rd Jan ‘C’ Team at Greenwood Knights

Next Blog around 10th Jan

“Going Out” featuring article in next edition

OFP Salver Standings – Thursday, 19th December 2019

Troon Chessblog – Friday, 13th December 2019 – by Len Weir

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5000 miles is a long way to go to dish a plate of humiliation to your hosts but you may have noticed some new faces among the 21 players in the club this week. Two of them were from Afghanistan. They were Hamid and Ramapola. After Hamid had taken on and beaten young Ross Duffy I decided to see how good he was and to offer some advice. To my amazement he was incredibly quick and also very good. And yes he beat me twice before I exacted revenge. (gritted teeth.) Clive Baird played Ramapola and won both his games but Clive reports his opponent played very well. We also had Michael McKean visiting again but Ross showed how he is improving by notching up a neat win but Michael also shows promise. Welcome visitors

Club closed Dec 25th and January 1st Restarts 8.1.20

7.1.20 Troon ‘B’ @ Stewarton

Wed 8.1.20 Troon ‘A’ v Ayr ‘A’ @ Troon       7.15 p.m.

                     Troon ‘C’ v Ardrossan/Largs ‘C’ 7.15p.m.

Gold Championship

Tommy Barrett moved yet nearer to his target and retained his 100% record although John Shankland proved no easy nut to crack in a long game which Tommy rescued from what looked like a certain draw. Tommy now has 6 points

Games for December 18th in the Gold are:-
Duncan Malcolm v Phil Thomas
Mike Chapman v Clive Baird
John Calder v Cameron Smith * if Jim Wainwright is not available for Coronelli below

Coronelli Trophy

Round Two

Jim Wainwright v John Calder

Round Three

Tommy Barrett v Frank Park
John Shankland v Len Weir

Here is the revised draw for the Motwani First Round Please play this round in January


The four highest graded players who have confirmed places in the Motwani Quaich – currently this is Phil Thomas, Graeme King, Clive Baird and Cameron Smith – have a bye into the next round [ edit ]

Silver Championship

Pairings for 18.12.19


OFP Salver Standings – Thursday, 12th December 2019

Troon Chessblog – Friday, 6th December 2019 – by Len Weir

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Leagues of Christmas Cheer

Sir Clive Bows Before King

Never mind looking in your stocking for something to make you happy. Look at the Leagues Tables. Get the full picture on troonchess.co.uk under Leagues

  • Division One leader Troon ‘A’
  • Division Two leader Troon ‘B’
  • Division Three leader Troon ‘C’

Troon ‘C’ apparently had Alex Smith’s voice ringing in their ears as they played their last game of the year. After some ordinary results Captain Smith explained He wouldn’t take any more rubbish from them, asked them to consider their reputations and get a result. They did. 0-4 at Greenwood!

Gold Championship

For the second week in a row Clive Baird fell within sight of the finish line. The beneficiary was Graeme King whose steady performance sees him hot on the heels of defending champion Tommy Barrett. Graeme has 4.5/5 against Tommy’s 5/5. Other players waiting for a slip are Phil Thomas and John Calder. Meanwhile I had to consult the Houdini Escape techniques book to wrestle a draw from a pawn down against resolute Mike Chapman

Games for December in the Gold are:-


Coronelli Trophy Round Three


Coronelli Trophy Round Two


Here is the revised draw for the Motwani First Round


The highest four graded players – Phil Thomas, Graeme King, Clive Baird, Cameron Smith – have a bye into the next round [ edit ]

Please play this round in January

Silver Championship

Pairings for 11.12.19


OFP Salver Standings – Friday, 6th December 2019

Troon Chessblog – Monday, 2nd December 2019 – by Len Weir

Chess Blog N4

Tommy eyes Golden finish

Frank nails Silver title

Gold Championship

Tommy Barrett was given no easy passage against the resilient Mike Chapman in their Gold Championship face off but the quality of the defending Champion shone through to protect his 100% score at 5/5. The chasing pack has naturally got John Calder who overcame Duncan Malcolm so John sits on 2.5/5. I was faced by Graeme King whose start in this competition was three impressive wins so I was pleased with a draw

Games for December in the Gold are:-
Clive Baird v Graeme King
Duncan Malcolm v Phil Thomas
Len Weir v Mike Chapman
John Calder v Cameron Smith
John Shankland v Tommy Barrett

Silver Championship

The maths don’t quite crown Frank Park winner of the Silver after his success against Alex Smith but with one game to go, against young Andrew, he only needs that to make him uncatchable. His score a resounding 6/7 proves he is in fine form as he tackles the might of European chess on a holiday with his mate John Shankland. Frank’s prize for winning will be playing in the Gold next season

Coronelli Trophy

There was a major shock after Bob Reid had offered Clive Baird a draw which had been turned down. After Clive had queened a pawn he inexplicably surrendered it to a totally innocent pawn and Bob danced a jig of delight into the next round

Here is the draw for the next round:-


Motwani Quaich

Please note I found it impossible to get the 12 players down to 8 in one round. So the draw done on Wednesday evening stands and in the next round 4 players will be reduced to two when they will be matched with 2 players who have had a bye over that round. That will make a semi final of 4

Here is round 1 draw:-


Ayrshire Chess League Division Three

Troon ‘C’ took on Greenwood Gambits. I still don’t have news on this result

Ayrshire Individual Championship Round Three

Round Three

Troon results;

John Calder 0-1 Jamie Malkin
Phil Thomas p Jake Sanger
Ian Brownlee 0-1 Cameron Smith
Mike Chapman 0-1 Len Weir
Andy Smith 0-1 Bob Reid

Wednesday 4th December Pairings

Coronelli Trophy

Jim Wainwright v John Calder
Sandy Gibson v David Ferguson

Gold Championship

As above

Silver Championship


OFP Salver Update – Monday, 2nd December 2019

The Tennison Gambit will remain the OFP Salver Opening for December (2019)