OFP Salver Standings – Thursday, 30th January 2020

Troon Chessblog – Thursday, 30th January 2020 – by Len Weir

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Frankly , My Dear it’s Silver

Jack Emulates dad in Bronze Win

Troon ‘C’ nearly trip

From Alex Smith;

Our game on Thurs 23rd ended in a disappointing 2 – 2 draw with Greenwood Knights

#1     Jim lost a very tough match to Lloyd Ferguson.  He lost two pawns early on but managed to get them back but at the price of a slightly disorganised board. His opponent swapped off pieces to get a tactical advantage in a bishop end game and had an unstoppable pawn

#2     I played french defence against a king pawn opening, snatched two pawns early and my opponent got one back but left his pieces disorganised.  I simply swapped piece for piece and his game gradually disintegrated

#3     Jack was simply too strong for his opponent and won with a classic queen rook march to the back row mate

#4     Dean was detained in glasgow and couldn’t play so we forfeited the point

Gold Championship

Clive was in excellent form to dispose of a hapless Len Weir. Going into the end game a pawn ahead he demonstrated how to wrap up a difficult Rook and pawn ending

Silver Championship

Frank Park secured the Silver title and promotion to the Gold next season with Bob Reid’s final sprint unable to catch him

Bronze Championship

Jack Barrett had to see off the emerging talents of Ross Duffy to claim the title he surrendered to Richard McMinn last Season

Well Done to both these Champions!

Motwani Quaich

Draw specialist Mike Chapman resisted the urge to go for a replay and managed to beat Sandy Gibson and now faces Cameron Smith in the next round

next week’s matches ………………all at home = busy night

Troon A v Ardrossan / Largs B

Troon B v Carrick

Troon C v Greenwood Gambits

GO TABLE TOPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OFP Salver Standings – Friday, 24th January 2020

Troon Chessblog – Friday, 24th January 2020 – by Len Weir

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Troon ‘A’ breathe fire on Dragons

Troon’B’ almost come unstuck

After much negotiation Troon ‘A’ travelled to meet Kilmarnock Dragons. Duncan (Flash) Malcolm got his point in record time against Colin Strong. Tommy Barrett continued his fine form against Kenny Malkin with a draw. Board Five was the mystery game where neither player knew what was going on. Clive Baird was ‘supposed to be white!? (Yes) but won with the black pieces against John McNicoll. I managed the win against Roy Henderson to secure the win and John Calder bolstered that with a draw to Dougie Hamilton and Phil Thomas completed the rout extinguishing Jamie MacCallum. Result 1-5 to Troon ‘A’

ST0P press; Just learned Kilmarnock knocked in five against Prestwick ‘A’ so we still lead by 1.5 points

Troon ‘B’ went to the old mens’ cabin to accommodate Arthur Mccurley of Prestwick Falcons and scraped a draw 2.5-2.5. Our wins came at boards 4 & 5 courtesy of Mike Chapman and Sandy Gibson. John Shankland proved his resilience with a draw while captain bob employed his mirror in a long hard look contest!

A couple of notable games last night:-

In a highly technical game Graeme King lost his unbeaten record since joining the club in october to Phil Thomas in the Motwani Quaich. Graeme will be out for revenge when they meet in the gold

Jack Barrett also came unstuck in sight of winning the Bronze Championship when last year’s bronze winner Richard McMinn came away with the smile. Richard can now catch Jack but needs another point being one game behind

Games for 29th January

Motwani Quaich
Mike Chapman v Sandy Gibson ( replay )
Jim Wainwright v Alex Smith

Gold Championship
Duncan Malcolm v Phil Thomas
Clive Baird v Len Weir

Silver Championship
Jack Barrett v Ross Duffy
Bob Reid v Richard McMinn
Spare ; Frank Park ; David Ferguson

OFP Salver Standings – Saturday, 18th January 2020

Troon Chessblog – Thursday, 16th January 2020 – by Len Weir

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Cameron controls his grimace

Silver battle hots up


Cameron Smith stole the headlines as he dispensed with Ayr’s Stephen Hamilton whose abhorrence of spectators ‘grimacing ‘ is notable. This takes Cameron to 3 points from 4 games only a half point behind joint leaders Elliot Frew and defending champion Jamie Malkin. John Calder also moved up to 2.5 winning over Bob Reid while Phil Thomas dropped a half point as did Mike Chapman whose draw with Brian Teaz was a solid affair. Mine was not so solid when I produced a timid account against Ali Roy

Gold Championship

John Shankland was unable to contain a resurgent Clive Baird who moved his total to 3 from 5

Games for January in the Gold are:-
Duncan Malcolm v Phil Thomas
John Calder v Cameron Smith
John Shankland v Graeme King
Clive Baird v Len Weir
Spare Mike Chapman ; Tommy Barrett

Silver Championship

A real battle has emerged for this title after Bob Reid defeated David Ferguson to take his total to 4.5 points from 6 games ahead of Frank Park’s 4 Points from 5 games. Frank’s next game against Alex Smith is pivotal in the direction of the Gardiner Cup

Games for January
Sandy Gibson v Ross Duffy
Alex Smith v Frank Park
Jack Barrett v Richard McMinn

Coronelli Trophy

Jim Wainwright’s game with John Calder eventually took place with John succeeding and progressing to meet Bob Reid in the third round

Here is the semi final draw:-
Duncan Malcolm v Bob Reid or John Calder
Tommy Barrett v Len Weir

Motwani Trophy

Sandy Gibson and Mike Chapman drew their first round tie so the replay will decide who moves forward to the Second round

Round Two
Cameron Smith v Sandy Gibson or Mike Chapman
Phil Thomas v Graham King
Jack Barrett v Jim Wainwright or Alex Smith
Ross Duffy v Clive Baird

Troon Chessblog – Friday, 10th January 2020 – by Len Weir

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Happy new Year !!!

Tables Toppers

There is a school of thought which says that success is contagious and after Troon ‘A’ had achieved leader status in the Ayrshire Chess League First Division and their stable mates Troon B had emulated them by leading the Second Division pack the gauntlet was thrown at the feet of Troon ‘C’ whose captain Alex Smith, took the unusual step of resting himself ahead of the Third Division clash with fellow title chasers Ardrossan/Largs ‘C’. He introduced Dean McCusker who quickly justified selection by chalking up a win for the home side. However things weren’t so easy for Troon when, in a winning position Jack Barrett fell to a neat trap. Jim Wainwright re-established Troon’s advantage and top board David Ferguson got the important half-point to take Troon ‘C’ to top position

Troon ‘B’ had the tricky task of a trip to Stewarton where they won 3.5-1.5 with wins for captain Bob Reid and Sandy Gibson. They were without regular top board Cameron Smith but this result extends their lead

Probably most impressive was a resounding win for Troon ‘A’ 5-1 over third placed Ayr. After the visitors defaulted on board six Clive Baird and Duncan Malcolm shot the home team into a winning position and John Calder and Tommy Barrett made certain of the match win with draws leaving Phil Thomas to apply the decorative touch and stretch their lead

Congratulations to all teams. I think this is the first time we have led all three leagues at this time of the year

Gold Championship Pairings for January

Coronelli Trophy
Jim Wainwright v John Calder *

Graham King v Phil Thomas
John Shankland v Clive Baird
Duncan Malcolm v Tommy Barrett
Spare Cameron Smith, Len Weir

Silver Championship Pairings For January

Bob Reid v David Ferguson
Sandy Gibson v Ross Duffy
Alex Smith v Frank Park
Jack Barrett v Richard McMinn

Coronelli Trophy

2nd Round
Jim Wainwright v John Calder

Motwani Quaich

Sandy Gibson v Mike Chapman

Ayrshire Championship Round Four

Troon Players
Cameron Smith (2)
Len Weir (2)
John Calder (1.5)
Phil Thomas (1.5)
Bob Reid (1.5)
Mike Chapman (1)

OFP Salver Standings – Thursday 9th January 2020

News Update – Thursday 9th January 2020

The Ayrshire Junior Chess Tour continues this month at Greenwood Academy on Thursday, 30th January