News Update – Wednesday, 27th November 2019

The closing date for entries to the Malawi Rapid Play Charity Event will be this Friday, 29th November 2019

This tournament is organised by Iain Fraser of Prestwick Chess Club and will be held at St. Nicholas Church in Prestwick on Saturday, 30th November 2019 from 10:30am to 5:15pm

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Troon Chessblog – Friday, 22nd November 2019 – by Len Weir

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Champions feel ‘Calder’ blast

Bishops stung by Bees

Ayrshire League Division One

A stunning defeat for the Champions Kilmarnock ‘A’ was achieved by John Calder’s magnificent downing of Elliot Frew, multi-winner of the Ayrshire individual championship. Following creditable draws by Duncan Malcolm, Phil Thomas and Len Weir and a stylish win by Clive Baird over the Kilmarnock captain Jim Kleboe, the focus switched to the top two boards. Troon Captain eventually conceded to Jamie Malkin, top rankled player in the County. This left John CALDER TO SETTLE THE ISSUE The final result, Kilmarnock ‘A’ 2.5-3.5 Troon ‘A’ and leaves Troon clear in the lead with 20 points with Kilmarnock on 14 being leapfrogged by Prestwick

Ayrshire League Division Two

Early season leaders, Troon ‘B’ racked up another confident win over the young aspiring Greenwood Bishops who had a perfect start winning at board five but wins from John Shankland, Cameron Smith, Mike Chapman and Sandy Gibson gave the League trailblazers a comfortable 4-1 result. This was achieved without the help of their inspirational captain Bob Reid who was unavailable. Their points are 18.5. They are chased mainly by Irvine and Carrick

Ayrshire Chess League Division Three

Troon ‘C’ took on Greenwood Gambits

Ayrshire Individual Championship Round Three
Marine Hotel Monday 25th November;

Troon Players and totals after two rounds; Leader Elliot Frew 2

Wednesday 27th November Pairings

Coronelli Trophy

Jim Wainwright v John Calder
Sandy Gibson v David Ferguson
Clive Baird v Bob Reid

Gold Championship

Duncan Malcolm v Phil Thomas
Mike Chapman v Tommy Barrett
Graeme King v Len Weir

Silver Championship

Frank Park v Andrew Brown
Alex Smith v Richard McMinn

Troon Chessblog – Friday, 15th November 2019 – by Len Weir

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Troon sink Ardrossan Again!

Clash of Titans in Coronelli

Ayrshire Championship

John Calder crushed Ardrossan’s past Ayrshire champion, Stephen Robinson in their delayed match in the second round. John now moves on to 1.5/2

Coronelli Trophy

The second round of this knock out trophy saw Duncan Malcolm proceed at the expense of Ross Duffy. John Shankland won the marathon 3-matcher against Mike Chapman in their second replay. Len Weir got the better of Cameron Smith. Frank Park kept his good season going against Alex Smith while Bob Reid held Clive Baird to a draw, both players had chances to win but now they have to face up again with colours reversed

In the tie of the round between the ‘Undefeatables’ Tommy Barrett kept his mojo going with a tough-fought win against Phil Thomas.. Should be interesting to see how these two shape up when they meet in the Gold

Coronelli Trophy Round 2


All the winners progress to the second round while those whose ambitions were quashed can re-kindle them in the Motwani Quaich

A team news

20.11.19 at Troon

Troon ‘A’ face champions Kilmarnock ‘A’ AT HOME next Wednesday in a re-arranged tie brought about by Kilmarnock being unable to stage the match in their small hall.

B team news

20.11.19 at Troon

High Flying ‘B’zers are facing Greenwood Bishops also at home but are without inspirational captain Bob Reid and Frank (Point getter) Park. Their opponents are their nearest rivals but they have very strong replacements to call upon

C team news

21.11 19 At Greenwood

It is Thursday. So it must be away to Greenwood. C did well winning 3-1 against the easier of the two Greenwood teams but this time Gambits are the keen opponents

It was good to welcome Michael McKean to visit the club. He is an enthusiastic player on the friendly circuit and faced Andrew Brown who gave a strong account of the teaching of Sandy Gibson’s hard work with the youngsters. We hope Michael can settle in with Troon Chess Club

Ayrshire Championships Round Three; Marine Hotel; Monday 25th November

Troon Chessblog – Friday, 8th November 2019 – by Len Weir

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Double Tops !

A Team top Division One; B Team top Division Two!!!!

A team news
We took on Ardrossan/Largs A with positive results from bottom three boards with wins from sub Cameron Smith, Len Weir and Clive Baird. On top board Tommy Barrett drew with Steven Brown. Board two saw the other ‘invincible’ Phil Thomas contain Stephen Robinson while at 3 Duncan Malcolm found Billy Kelly too tasty for his palate. The result of 4-2 looks like putting Troon ‘A’ in top place as Kilmarnock ‘A’s game with Greenwood Rooks was postponed . The Greenwood team seem to be struggling to meet their required programme through lack of players as this is their second postponement. Troon ‘A’ now have 15.5 from 3 matches. Good start!

B team news

Report from Bob Reid

Troon B managed to make it a hat trick of victories for Troon in all 3 league games played this week. A victory which should take us to the top of division 2

Frank Park was first to record a victory, followed by Mike Chapman. I didn’t like my position but saw a queen sacrifice which resulted in me winning a piece then forking his king and queen to give me a winning end game. John Shankland struggled on for a long time after he lost the exchange but finally succumbed. On board 1 Cameron looked to have a lost game against Phil Walsh but with less than 2 minutes left on his clock managed to create a mate threat and with Phil also short of time he focused on the mate threat and forgot he had left his rook available for Cameron to snap up and give us a handsome 4-1 victory

C team news
Better result from the Alex Smith Inspirations with a 3-1 win over Greewood Knights with wins for Jim Wainwright, Alex Smith and Jack Barrett while Richard McMinn was unable to reproduce his scintillating form of last season

Ayrshire Championships Round Two; Marine Hotel; Monday 28th October

John Calder takes on Ardrossan’s Stephen Robinson in a delayed second round tie this Wednesday at Troon.

Gold News Coronelli Trophy

This Wednesday sees the second round of the Coronelli Trophy with a star battle taking place between Tommy Barrett and Phil Thomas. Two undefeated records go up for grabs. Another intriguing tie is the second replay with Mike Chapman and John Shankland. This features the tie break time control of 60 minutes each.

Silver Darlings Coronelli Trophy

Coronelli Trophy Round 2


NB. The first round of the Coronelli Trophy has now been completed and it would be good if we could get the second round started on 13th November. Remember the players who fail to qualify for the third round compete for the Motwani Quaich. Graeme King will join that group.

OFP Salver Standings – Thursday, 7th November 2019

OFP Salver Update – Friday, 1st November 2019

OFP Salver Opening for November (2019) – Tennison Gambit

OFP Salver Standings – Friday, 1st November 2019

Troon Chessblog – Friday, 1st November 2019 – by Len Weir

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Phil eyes glory! A walk in the Park for Silver Boy!

A team news
Next week we are at home to a very strong Ardrossan/Largs team and Captain Barrett wants to steer a steady course to success

B team news
No comment re team structure as there may be leaks to the opposition
Next game v 7th November at Irvine

Troon ‘C’
Next game 6th November home to Greenwood Knights

Ayrshire Championships Round Two; Marine Hotel; Monday 28th October

Excellent performances from Troon players with wins for Cameron Smith, Mike Chapman and a draw for Bob Reid although pride of place went to Phil Thomas putting a spoke in champion Jamie Malkin’s wheel with a neatly contrived draw. Phil was runner up last year and wants to change the predictability of the prizewinners rostrum! I had the older Malkin, Kenny and never recovered from a gift of a Bishop.

Gold News

John Calder and I had a long battle and despite being a pawn up in the ending I had to concede a draw. Duncan Malcolm solidified his improved performance of late winning against John Shankland. Graeme King kept his 100% record with a win over Cameron Smith. This leaves Tommy Barrett (4 points) being pursued by Graeme (3) with Clive Baird Cameron and Phil Thomas on 2.

Silver Strands

Jack Barrett made his bid for the Bronze more realistic against the improving Andrew Brown while there bid tie in the Silver section featured Frank Park outscoring Bob Reid and beginning to be the bookies favourite to lift the Jim Gardiner Cup.

NB. The first round of the Coronelli Trophy has now been completed and it would be good if we could get the second round started on 13th November. Remember the players who fail to qualify for the third round compete for the Motwani Quaich. Graeme King will join that group.