News Update – Monday, 28th October 2019

The annual Malawi Rapid Play Charity Event will be held in Prestwick on Saturday, 30th November 2019

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OFP Salver Standings – Monday, 28th October 2019

Troon Chessblog – Thursday, 24th October 2019 – by Len Weir

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Beware the Tiny Assassin

I did not underestimate my opponent as she towered below me, but she replied with a confident Sicilian defence and confidently handled my Grand Prix attack gaining a pawn advantage and then snaring my bishop. In the end I managed to contrive a draw in the face of a mating attack which would have been the end of my chess playing days. Carolina Espinosa is only 8 years old!

This was part of a successful 5-1 win the ‘A’ team had over Prestwick. The real battle happened at boards 1 & 2 where Tommy Barrett and Phil Thomas saw off the ambitions of Ians Fraser and Brownlee in a double hectic finish. Clive Baird drew with John Dement which left Clive ….demented ! Duncan Malcolm returned to winning ways at the expense of Jose Espinosa (Did that joke last week) and sub Sandy Gibson was in no mood to be pushed about by youngsters like Tilak Ittigi. Troon 5-1 Prestwick

Next ‘A’ team game v 6th November at home to Ardrossan/Largs

B team news

Bob’s boys were once again impressive with a 2.5-2.5 draw at Carrick. This was a healthy win against candidates for the title and gives them a total points haul of 8.5 early in the season.

Bob Reid reports

Board 1 Ali Roy crushed Cameron – his words!

Board 2 Siegrun v John Shankland – the longest game of the evening but John held his nerve, refusing the draw offers to record a win

Board 3 Mike looked to have his game won but made an error and had to settle for a draw with a perpetual check

Board 4 – I missed a knight move and it looked terminal for me. I sacrificed the exchange to avoid being mated, then got some counter play and he missed a knight move which resulted in a mate and and a very undeserved victory, with a traumatised opponent who couldn’t believe he had lost.

Board 5 – I was bit too absorbed in my own struggles to see how David lost at board 5.

Next game v 7th November at Irvine

Troon ‘C’

Next game 6th November home to Greenwood Knights

Ayrshire Championships Round Two; Marine Hotel; Monday 28th October

Spectators welcome. Come and see Phil Thomas, Bob Reid, Mike Chapman John Calder and Len Weir,

Gold News

Next Ties
John Calder v Len Weir
John Shankland v Duncan Malcolm
Clive Baird v Phil Thomas
Graeme King v Cameron Smith
Mike Chapman v Tommy Barrett (Tommy unavailable)

Silver Strands

Next Ties
Richard McMinn v Sandy Gibson (Coronelli)
Andrew Brown v Jack Barrett
Frank Park v Bob Reid
Ross Duffy v David Ferguson
Alex Smith v Richard McMinn

News Update – Wednesday, 23rd October 2019

This month’s OFP Salver opening – The Kopec System – is an opening system developed by Danny Kopec (an American International Master) who played in and won the Scottish Chess Championships held in Troon in 1980 – Link to article on Chess Scotland website

Link to further info on Kopec Chess Services website

Link to details of The Kopec System DVD

News Update – Monday, 21st October 2019

Closing date for entries to the Ayrshire Senior Championships 2019-2020 Thursday, 31st October 2019

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Troon Chessblog – Saturday, 19th October 2019 – by Len Weir

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Electric action at the Railway Club!

‘No way Pablo” said Dirty Des as the upper level of the Railway Club was denied to the elite chess players of Troon. Undaunted the plastic pushers descended to the level of snooker players and attempted to pocket a few points in the Championship

Tommy tees up another Gold while Frank has pieces of Silver in Mind

Gold News

Tommy Barrett did not have an easy task in disposing off Cameron Smith’s attempt to derail his Gold Express in the Railway Club but Tommy maintained his 100% and looks favourite except his pal from the Irvine area, Graeme King also has 100% from his two games after a long struggle against Mike Chapman whose dream of a draw was interrupted by a sudden unexpected checkmate.

Two Johns is not a description of the toilet facilities at the club but the Shankland version lost to Calder in this clash

Next Ties;
John Calder v Len WeirJohn
Shankland v Duncan Malcolm
Clive Baird v Phil Thomas
Graeme King v Cameron Smith
Mike Chapman v Tommy Barrett

23.10.19 Troon ‘A’ v Prestwick ‘A’ at Troon

Silver Strands

Early leader Alex Smith had consulted the works of Mikhail Tal in preparation to deal with the threat of Bob Reid. It was good, but it was not enough. A tight scrap left Bob bruised but the winner. Frank Park now takes the leaders yellow jersey on 3points /4 after his win over Jack Barrett while David Ferguson moves into challenger position with 2.5/4 after beating Sandy Gibson. He shares this place with Bob Reid 2.5/3

Next Ties
Richard MCMinn v Sandy Gibson (Coronelli);
Andrew Brown v Jack Barrett
Frank Park v Bob Reid
Ross Duffy v David Ferguson
Alex Smith v Richard McMinn

23.10.19 Carrick v Troon ‘B’

OFP Salver Standings – Saturday, 19th October 2019

Troon Chessblog – Saturday, 12th October 2019 – by Len Weir

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Two Tribes Go To Chess

The League season kicked off with wins for the ‘B team. Under the leadership of Bob Reid they went to Prestwick and grabbed a maximum of 5 points earning themselves a win bonus point.

‘Catch us if you can’ says Bob!

Troon ‘A’ were next to catch the travel bug but Tommy Barrett was one of three top four players to miss the bus to Greenwood. However we were well led by John Calder who added to a freebie point gained by Mike Chapman. Three draws saw the subs take the bonus point 2.5-3.5

‘Subs are successful but we need to raise our periscope’ quipped Tommy!

Gold News

Playing his first Championship game Graeme King had an exciting win over John Calder in the only game played this week.

This week’s pairings Cameron Smith v Tommy Barrett; John Shankland v Duncan Malcolm; Graeme King v Mike Chapman.

Ayrshire Championship; John Calder v Colin Strong

Pieces Of Silver

A change at the top of the leader frame sees David Ferguson leapfrog Alex Smith after his win over Richard McMinn. David’s 2.5 points comes from 4 games while Sandy Gibson has 2 points from 3 games. Alex still holds the ace cards on 2 from 2.

This Week’s Pairings; Coronelli Trophy; Richard McMinn v Sandy Gibson.; Ross Duffy v Sanabel Dawod

Silver Champ. Jack Barrett v Frank Park; Alex Smith v Bob Reid; David Ferguson v Andrew Brown

League Dates

1st Division Wed 23rd October Troon ‘A’ v Prestwick ‘A’ (at Troon)

2nd Division Wed 23rd October Carrick v Troon ‘B’ (at Maybole)

OFP Salver Standings – Thursday, 10th October 2019

News Update – Monday, 7th October 2019

Troon 1984 Scottish Championships

Article written by Douglas Griffin (a chess historian and blogger) about the Scottish Chess Championships held in Troon in 1984

Link to article

. . . along with an annotation of a final round game between Russian GM Lev Psakhis and Scottish IM Craig Pritchett (Analysis by Lev Psakhis)

News Update – Sunday, 6th October 2019

Ayrshire Senior Championships 2019-2020

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Troon Chessblog – Thursday, 3rd October 2019 – by Len Weir

There’s a New King in Troon!



Gold ; TOMMY BARRETT made it 3/3 with a confident win over Clive Baird

PHIL THOMAS finished with a devastating crossfire against Mike Chapman to be hot on Tommy’s heels at 2/2

Silver ; BOB REID was pushed hard but won through against Sandy Gibson.Frontrunner in the Silver is Alex Smith with 2/2

Monday 30th September Ayrshire Championships Marine Hotel. There were no surprises in this first round played in excellent playing conditions. Phil Thomas had a miniature against Bob Reid. While I had a comfortable time against Ardrossan’s James Keegan. All the favourites were successful.

Wednesday 9th October; Troon ‘B’ travel to Prestwick in the first game in the 2nd Division

Thursday 10th October; Troon ‘A’ go to Greenwood to begin their campaign

OFP Salver Standings – Thursday, 3rd October 2019