Online Role of Honour

03/03/2021"Open Swiss", 5 Round Swiss, Open
24/02/2021"Open Play", 3 Round Swiss, Open - 4 Entrants1st Cameron Smith, 2nd Clive Baird, 3rd Len Weir
17/02/2021"Champions Tournament", 4 Round Swiss, Invitation - 6 Entrants1st Gary Weir, 2nd Clive Baird, 3rd John Calder
10/02/2021"Open Competition", 3 Round Swiss, Open - 4 Entrants1st= Cameron Smith, 1st= John Calder, 3rd Len Weir
27/01/2021Open "Swiss Wednesday", 5 Round Swiss, Open - 6 Entrants1st John Calder, 2nd= Cameron Smith, 2nd= Duncan Malcolm
20/01/2021"Champion of Champions", 5 Round Swiss, Invitation - 8 Entrants1st Daniel Thomas, 2nd Phil Thomas, 3rd Duncan Malcolm