The 76 trophy is new tournament for Season 2023-24 which runs alongside existing club competitions such as the Gold, Silver & Bronze Championships, Coronelli & Motwani Cups & League Games and runs parallel to the OFP Salver. The Winner will receive an engraved keepsake trophy and their name added to the club roll of honour.

It has two key features:

  1. On any given club night, it allows players without a graded game, in the Gold, Silver & Bronze Championships, Coronelli & Motwani Cups or a League game, a chance of a graded “standard game” (of 60 mins each or longer, and 75 min and 85 min games are possible too). This is done by players without a graded game in one of the other tournaments listed above, putting their name into the draw and the draw is made at 1930hrs each club night.
  2. Allows all players the chance to gain points on a club night over the course of a full season whether they are at home at the club or away on league duty by gaining 1 point if they win their standard graded game, 0.5 if they draw and 0 points if they lose. note: Players without a game in the above competitions who would rather play a friendly game (with or without clocks), or play games in the OFP Salver can still do so as normal – they just don’t put themselves forward for the 76 Trophy draw at 1930hrs on club nights.

Standings as of 5th May 2024

1st 19.5 points Ciaran Conway

2nd 15 points Paul Denham

3rd 13.5 points Len Weir

Table showing points gained in 76 Trophy to 2nd May 2024