2021-2022 Season


 PlayerGrading12345678910 Total
1Peter Sallai1500e00.
2Tommy Barrett19891100.50.514
3Frank Park 14870.500.501
4Phil Thomas1777110.5114.5
5John Calder18460.50.501114
6John Shankland15130.50.50.500.513
7Duncan Malcolm15820
8Clive Baird16300.50.5000.501.5
9Len Weir159600100012


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20/10/2021Len Weir0-1Peter Sallai
03/11/2021Phil Thomas1-0Len Weir
17/11/2021Clive Baird0.5-0.5John Shankland
24/11/2021Tommy Barrett1-0Frank Park
24/11/2021Peter Sallai0.5-0.5Clive Baird
24/11/2021John Shankland0.5-0.5Phil Thomas
01/12/2021John Calder1-0John Shankland
01/12/2021Frank Park0.5-0.5Peter Sallai
01/12/2021Clive Baird0-1Len Weir
15/12/2021Len Weir0-1John Calder
15/12/2021Phil Thomas1-0Tommy Barrett
09/02/2022Peter Sallai0-1Tommy Barrett
16/02/2022John Calder1-0Clive Baird
23/02/2022Len Weir1-0Frank Park
23/02/2022Tommy Barrett0.5-0.5Clive Baird
02/03/2022Clive Baird0-1Phil Thomas
09/03/2022Frank Park0.5-0.5John Shankland
24/03/2022Peter Sallai0.5-0.5John Shankland
24/03/2022Phil Thomas1-0John Calder
31/03/2022John Shankland1-0Len Weir
31/03/2022Tommy Barrett0.5-0.5John Calder
14/04/2022Tommy Barrett1-0Len Weir
14/04/2022John Calder0.5-0.5Peter Sallai



First player has white

1: 2v9, 3v8, 4v7, 5v6

2: 7v5, 8v4, 9v3, 1v2

3: 3v1, 4v9, 5v8, 6v7

4: 8v6, 9v5, 1v4, 2v3

5: 4v2, 5v1, 6v9, 7v8

6: 9v7, 1v6, 2v5, 3v4

7: 5v3, 6v2, 7v1, 8v9

8: 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5

9: 6v4, 7v3, 8v2, 9v1

The time control is 1hr 25mins each for all moves

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