The Juniors is for children aged 8 and over that have an interest in playing or learning chess. This is a great way to improve their knowledge of the moves, how pieces take, checks, checkmates and openings.

We welcome all to come along to the club to test or improve their skills.

Below is a table of the juniors in the bronze league for season 2023-2024.

Ewan McGuiganX2WBWBWBW2
Logan Douglas0X0WBWBWB0
Lucy McGuiganB2XBWB2BW4
Murray MacAleeseBWBWX2WBW2
Leo FindlayWBWB0XBWB0
Caelin McKenzie20bWBWXBW2
Marcus CannyWBW2W2WXB4
Shane ChalmersBWBWBWBWX0