The Coronelli Trophy is the club’s premier knock-out tournament

The time control is 1hr 15 mins each for all moves. In the event of a draw, a match is replayed with colours reversed. In the event of another draw, the match is replayed again with 5 minutes each on the clock for all moves, with colours drawn. Please report results to Bob Reid

Coronelli Trophy – 2023-2024 Season

Round 1

Reuben Thomasson1-0 DefaultBenjamin Dwyer
Jim Wainwright1-0William Birnie
Alex Smith0-1 DefaultBob Reid
David Lonie0-1Ciaran Conway
Nathan Birnie0-1 DefaultCameron Smith
Ross Duffy 0-1 DefaultChristine Gow
Mike Chapman0.5-0.5
Graeme King
Anthony Templeman0-1 DefaultLogan Roberts
Alfie McDonald0-1 Sam Kyle
Len Weir1-0Graham Crowe
John Shankland1-0Lewis Gilmour
Wilson AitkenBye
Phil ThomasBye
Mark GibsonBye
Paul DenhamBye
Phil WalshBye

Round 2

S Kyle0-1C Conway
B Reid0-1 (default)P Denham
L Weir1-0J Shankland
C Gow0.5-0.5
L Roberts
J Wainwright0-1G King
M Gibson0-1P Walsh
P Thomas0-1R Thomasson
C Smith1-0W Aitken

Round 3

L Weir1-0P Walsh
C Smith0.5-0.5
G King
L Roberts1-0R Thomasson
C Conway0-1P Denham

Semi Final

L Roberts0-1C Smith
P Denhmam0-1L Weir

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