The Coronelli Trophy is the club’s premier knock-out tournament

The time control is 1hr 25mins each for all moves. In the event of a draw, a match is replayed with colours reversed. In the event of another draw, the match is replayed again with 1hr each on the clock for all moves, with colours drawn

Coronelli Trophy – 2019-2020 Season

Semi-Final – Results

Duncan Malcolm0 - 1John Calder
Tommy Barrett1 - 0Len Weir

Round 3 – Results

Tommy Barrett1 - 0Frank Park
Bob Reid0 - 1John Calder
John Shankland0 - 1Len Weir
David Ferguson0 - 1Duncan Malcolm

Round 2 – Results

Ross Duffy0 - 1Duncan Malcolm
Bob Reid0.5 - 0.5Clive Baird
Clive Baird0 - 1Bob Reid
John Shankland0.5 - 0.5Mike Chapman
Mike Chapman0.5 - 0.5John Shankland
John Shankland1 - 0Mike Chapman
Phil Thomas0 - 1Tommy Barrett
Frank Park1 - 0Alex Smith
Jim Wainwright0 - 1John Calder
Sandy Gibson0 - 1David Ferguson
Len Weir1 - 0Cameron Smith

Round 1 – Results

Ross Duffy1 w/o 0Sanabel Dawod
Alex Smith1 - 0Andrew Brown
Jack Barrett0 - 1Jim Wainwright
Richard McMinn0 - 1Sandy Gibson

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