Coronelli Trophy Winners

1996Adrian BoalCoronelli Trophy
1997Gary WeirCoronelli Trophy
1998Len WeirCoronelli Trophy
1999Clive BairdCoronelli Trophy
2000Duncan MalcolmCoronelli Trophy
2001Clive BairdCoronelli Trophy
2002Gary WeirCoronelli Trophy
2003Gary WeirCoronelli Trophy
2004David McCaffertyCoronelli Trophy
2005Clive BairdCoronelli Trophy
2006John CalderCoronelli Trophy
2007John CalderCoronelli Trophy
2008Tommy BarrettCoronelli Trophy
2009Robin TempletonCoronelli Trophy
2010Robin TempletonCoronelli Trophy
2011Tommy BarrettCoronelli Trophy
2012Tommy BarrettCoronelli Trophy
2013Tommy BarrettCoronelli Trophy
2014Tommy BarrettCoronelli Trophy
2015Tommy BarrettCoronelli Trophy
2016Tommy BarrettCoronelli Trophy
2017John CalderCoronelli Trophy
2018Phil ThomasCoronelli Trophy
2019John CalderCoronelli Trophy
2020Competition not finished due to COVID
2021No Competition due to COVID
2022John CalderCoronelli Trophy
2023Graeme KingCoronelli Trophy

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