Mark Sanger of Prestwick Chess Club is the winner of the Ayrshire Championships for the 2019-2020 season and the new Ayrshire Champion

This season’s Ayrshire Championships were held at The Marine Hotel, Troon between September 2019 and March 2020

The format for this event was a six round swiss tournament held on the following dates

Round 1Monday, 30th September 2019Start 7:15pm
Round 2Monday, 28th October 2019Start 7:15pm
Round 3Monday, 25th November 2019Start 7:15pm
Round 4Monday, 13th January 2020Start 7:15pm
Round 5Monday, 10th February 2020Start 7:15pm
Round 6Monday, 9th March 2020Start 7:15pm

Final Standings (pending postponed games*)

PlayerGradingGamesPoints1st Tie Break
Most Wins
2nd Tie Break
Most Black's
Mark Sanger205765.553
Jamie Malkin212964.533
Kenny Malkin190064.532
Ali Roy18446434
Peter Smith20036433
Jake Sanger18836433
Cameron Smith149363.534
Elliot Frew212063.533
Len Weir159963.533
Cooper Patterson162063.533
Phil Thomas177963.523
Stephen Hamilton16336333
Bob Simpson12826323
Alex Macdonald13036313
Arthur McCurley145862.523
Bob Reid136362.523
James Keegan116662.523
Colin Strong144462.523
John Calder *186352.5
Ian Brownlee *167652.5
Brian Teaz *156552.5
Stephen Robinson *173052.5
Bob Smith12116222
John Montgomery14416222
Andy Smith14756213
Mike Chapman136761.513
Stephen Heggie10266112
Gary McPheator15741111
Roy Henderson11941111

This is an open tournament. All entries are welcome. See link below for entry form

Spectators are welcome to attend these events. There is no entry fee for spectators

Refreshments are available to purchase from the bar

For further information see the Ayrshire Chess Association website

Ayrshire Championships 2019-2020

Entry Form