2023-2024 Season


Silver/Bronze Championship

1L RobertsX10.50.5010.5011NP05.5
2A Smith10410X0100010002
3B Reid13320.5NPX1010010NP03.5
4L Weir15240.510X01110.51107
5C Conway1011X10.501110.58
6C Gow1117
7M Chapman13690.5110
8W Aitken13551110110.5X11018.5
9 S Kyle0000.50000X1001.5
10 A McDonald011001000XNP03
11 A TemplemanNP1NP000011NPX03
12T Zinchenko11110.5100111X8.5


The Silver/Bronze competition is now complete with only a handful of unplayed fixtures. The Silver championship resulted in a 3 way tie between Mike Chapman, Wilson Aitken and Timur Zinchenko. The Bronze Champion is Ciaran Conway. Congratulations to all.

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30/11/2023L Weir1-0A Smith
30/11/2023A Templeman0-1C Conway
29/2/2024W Aitken0-1A Templeman
29/2/2024A Smith1-0C Conway
29/2/2024C Gow0-1M Chapman
28/3/2024S Kyle0-1C Conway
28/3/2024W Aitken0-1L Weir
25/1/2024L Roberts1-0A McDonald
25/1/2024C Gow1-0A Templeman
25/1/2024M Chapman 0.5-0.5W Aitken
23/11/2023M Chapman1-0A McDonald
23/11/2023S Kyle0-1B Reid
23/11/2023C Gow0-1L Weir
22/2/2024A Smith0-1A Templeman
22/2/2024C Gow1-0S Kyle
22/2/2024W Aitken1-0T Zinchenko
21/12/2023M Chapman1-0B Reid
21/12/2023A McDonald0-1L Weir
21/3/2024S Kyle1-0A McDonald
21/3/2024T Zinchenko 1-0A Smith
21/3/2024C Conway1-0B Reid
21/3/2024W Aitken1-0C Gow
18/1/24C Conway1-0A McDonald
18/1/24L Weir1-0M Chapman
16/11/2023C Conway1-0L Roberts
16/11/2023S Kyle0-1M Chapman
15/2/2024T Zinchenko1-0A McDonald
15/2/2024L Roberts1-0C Gow
15/2/2024B Reid1-0L Weir
15/2/2024A Templeman0-1M Chapman
15/2/2024A Smith1-0S Kyle
15/2/2024C Conway0-1W Aitken
14/12/2023C Gow0-1T Zinchenko
14/3/2024B Reid0-1W Aitken
14/3/2024S Kyle0-1L Roberts
14/3/2024M Chapman1-0T Zinchenko
11/4/2024C Conway1-0C Gow
11/4/2024T Zinchenko1-0L Weir
11/4/2024W Aitken1-0S Kyle
8/2/2024M Chapman0.5-0.5L Roberts
8/2/2024S Kyle0-1T Zinchenko
7/3/2024L Roberts1-0A Smith
7/3/2024T Zinchenko0.5-0.5C Conway
4/1/2024C Gow1-0A Smith
4/1/2024L Roberts0-1W Aitken
1/2/2024L Weir0-1C Conway
1/2/2024A Templeman1-0S Kyle
1/2/2024L Roberts0-1T Zinchenko
9/11/2023B Reid1-0C Gow
9/11/2023A Smith0-1M Chapman
7/12/2023B Reid0-1A McDonald
7/12/2023M Chapman0.5-0.5C Conway
7/12/2023L Weir0.5-0.5S Kyle
2/11/2023A McDonald1-0A Smith
2/11/2023L Weir1-0A Templeman
18/4/2024A McDonald0-1W Aitken
A TemplemanNot playedL Roberts
18/4/2024L Roberts0.5-0.5L Weir
A McDonaldNot playedA Templeman
2/5.2024W Aitken1-0A Smith
16/5/2024A McDonald1-0C Gow
9/5/2024T Zinchenko1-0A Templeman
A SmithNot playedB Reid
A TemplemanNot playedB Reid
16/5/2024T Zinchenko1-0B Reid
11/4/2024B Reid0.5-0.5L Roberts

The time control is 1hr 15mins each for all moves

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