2023-2024 Season


Silver Championship

1L RobertsX00
2A Smith1041X000
3B Reid1332X112
4L Weir1524X112
5C Conway1X1
6C Gow1117
7M Chapman13691X113
8W Aitken1355X0
9 S Kyle00X0
10 A McDonald10X1
11 A Templeman0X0


There will be a list of suggested ties each week, but you are free to play any of your opponents if your scheduled opponent is unavailable. Colours are shown on the grid.

Please e mail results to Bob Reid (

23.11.23S Kyle0-1B Reid
23.11.23M Chapman1-0A McDonald
23.11.23C Gow0-1L Weir
16.11.23S Kyle0-1M Chapman
16.11.23C Conway1-0L Roberts
9.11.23B Reid1-0C Gow
9.11.23A Smith0-1M Chapman
2.11.23L Weir1-0A Templeman
2.11.23A McDonald1-0A Smith
W AitkenA Smith
W AitkenL Weir
W AitkenC Gow
W AitkenS Kyle
W AitkenA Templeman
S KyleL Roberts
S KyleC Conway
S KyleA McDonald
M ChapmanL Roberts
M ChapmanB Reid
M ChapmanC Conway
M Chapman W Aitken
L WeirA Smith
L WeirC Conway
L WeirM Chapman
L WeirS Kyle
L RobertsA Smith
L RobertsL Weir
L RobertsC Gow
L RobertsW Aitken
L RobertsA McDonald
C GowA Smith
C GowM Chapman
C GowS Kyle
C GowA Templeman
C ConwayB Reid
C ConwayC Gow
C ConwayW Aitken
C ConwayA McDonald
B ReidL Roberts
B ReidL Weir
B ReidW Aitken
B ReidA McDonald
A TemplemanL Roberts
A TemplemanB Reid
A TemplemanC Conway
A TemplemanM Chapman
A TemplemanS Kyle
A SmithB Reid
A SmithC Conway
A SmithS Kyle
A McDonaldL Weir
A McDonaldC Gow
A McDonaldW Aitken
A McDonaldA Templeman

The time control is 1hr 15mins each for all moves

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