2023-2024 Season


Silver/Bronze Championship

1L RobertsX010.50102.5
2A Smith1041X0001001
3B Reid1332X110103
4L Weir152410X0110.5115.5
5C Conway11X0.50114.5
6C Gow1117
7M Chapman13690.5110
8W Aitken1355110.5X013.5
9 S Kyle000.500X000.5
10 A McDonald011000X02
11 A Templeman1000011X3
12T Zinchenko11011X4


Fixtures have been scheduled up to 14 March, but you are free to play any of your opponents if your scheduled opponent is unavailable. Colours are shown on the fixture list below. Fixtures have

Please e mail results to Bob Reid (

30/11/2023L Weir1-0A Smith
30/11/2023A Templeman0-1C Conway
25/1/24L Roberts1-0A McDonald
25/1/24C Gow1-0A Templeman
25/1/24M Chapman 0.5-0.5W Aitken
23/11/2023M Chapman1-0A McDonald
23/11/2023S Kyle0-1B Reid
23/11/2023C Gow0-1L Weir
21/12/2023M Chapman1-0B Reid
21/12/2023A McDonald0-1L Weir
18/1/24C Conway1-0A McDonald
18/1/24L Weir1-0M Chapman
16/11/2023C Conway1-0L Roberts
16/11/2023S Kyle0-1M Chapman
15/2/2024T Zinchenko1-0A McDonald
15/2/2024L Roberts1-0C Gow
15/2/2024B Reid1-0L Weir
15/2/2024A Templeman0-1M Chapman
15/2/2024A Smith1-0S Kyle
15/2/2024C Conway0-1W Aitken
14/12/2023C Gow0-1T Zinchenko
8/2/24M Chapman0.5-0.5L Roberts
8/2/24S Kyle0-1T Zinchenko
4/1/2024C Gow1-0A Smith
4/1/2024L Roberts0-1W Aitken
1/2/24L Weir0-1C Conway
1/2/24A Templeman1-0S Kyle
1/2/24L Roberts0-1T Zinchenko
9/11/2023B Reid1-0C Gow
9/11/2023A Smith0-1M Chapman
7/12/2023B Reid0-1A McDonald
7/12/2023M Chapman0.5-0.5C Conway
7/12/2023L Weir0.5-0.5S Kyle
2/11/2023A McDonald1-0A Smith
2/11/2023L Weir1-0A Templeman
22/2/2024A Smith0-1A Templeman
14/3/2024S KyleA McDonald
7/3/2024L RobertsA Smith
T Zinchenko A Smith
W AitkenA Smith
A McDonaldA Templeman
T ZinchenkoA Templeman
29/2/2024W Aitken0-1A Templeman
A SmithB Reid
A TemplemanB Reid
C ConwayB Reid
T ZinchenkoB Reid
29/2/2024A SmithC Conway
S KyleC Conway
7/3/2024T ZinchenkoC Conway
7/3/2024A McDonaldC Gow
14/3/2024C ConwayC Gow
W AitkenC Gow
14/3/2024A TemplemanL Roberts
B ReidL Roberts
S KyleL Roberts
L RobertsL Weir
14/3/2024T ZinchenkoL Weir
W AitkenL Weir
29/2/2024C Gow0-1M Chapman
22/2/2024C Gow1-0S Kyle
W AitkenS Kyle
M ChapmanT Zinchenko
22/2/2024W Aitken1-0T Zinchenko
A McDonaldW Aitken
14/3/2024B ReidW Aitken

The time control is 1hr 15mins each for all moves

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