OFP Salver Opening for November (2023) – The Rousseau Gambit Accepted

White to play

OFP Salver Standings (last updated 08/10/2023)

Mike Chapman343
Bob Reid02
Graham Crowe01

In this friendly tournament games begin from a set position in a featured opening. A new opening is selected each month. The idea behind a new opening is to introduce some interesting openings that some players may not have seen before and thus gain some learning /ideas

A player can only play 2 games per night. Points are scored on a handicap system based on players’ gradings. The minimum time limit is 30 minutes each. If you havn’t recorded the result on the result sheet at the club please e mail the result Mike Chapman gm4igs@hotmail.co.uk

Download overview, rules and scoring system

Some previous season’s OFP Salver openings

September 2021 – Scandinavian Defense

February 2020 – King’s Gambit – Falkbeer Counter Gambit

January 2020 – Alekhine Scandinavian Variation – The Spielmann Gambit

November / December 2019 – Tennison Gambit

October 2021- Ruy Lopez – Berlin Defense

September 2019 – Lewis Gambit

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