OFP Salver Opening for February (2020) – King’s Gambit – Falkbeer Counter Gambit

White to play

OFP Salver Standings

Cameron Smith9912
Bob Reid8113
Phil Thomas577
Len Weir53.510
Robin Templeton 468
Dean McCusker404
Ross Duffy368
Mike Chapman348
Frank Park24.58
Sandy Gibson208
Alex Smith144
Graeme King132
David Ferguson 113
Michael McKean111
Clive Baird81

In this friendly tournament games begin from a set position in a featured opening. A new opening is selected each month. The idea behind a new opening is to introduce some interesting openings that some players may not have seen before and thus gain some learning /ideas

A player can only play 2 games per night. Points are scored on a handicap system based on players’ gradings. The minimum time limit is 30 minutes each

Download overview, rules and scoring system

This season’s OFP Salver openings

January 2020 – Alekhine Scandinavian Variation – The Spielmann Gambit

November / December 2019 – Tennison Gambit

October 2019 – Kopec System (Sicilian Defence)

September 2019 – Lewis Gambit

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